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What is My CXC/CSEC Results?

I remember the good old days without the Internet when all we had was text books, enclycopedias and past papers. They were our internet if you must say. We had to search through everything manually unlike in the present day when we can easily type in something like "My CXC Results" in Google and find the results we are looking for in seconds. That is pretty cool isn't it?

CXC Results Online
Getting your CXC results online would be very easy, Enter your candidate number, school number and the year you wrote the CXC examinations into a simple web form on the Ministry of Education's website or the Caribbean Examinations Council offical website in a secure area and then simply click view. This would bring up your results for you anyday and anytime. No names would be posted, just numbers you and only you would know. That would be great wouldnt it?

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